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Research has always played a major role in academic programs at DTU. The DTU Board has issued guidelines and policies encouraging staff, lecturers and students to conduct more research and it is now compulsory. The university is continually investing in research materials and equipment, inviting professors from Vietnam and abroad to come to provide guidance, so that DTU lecturers will be able to participate fully in national and international conferences and seminars.

A university which successfully integrates meaningful, state-of-the-art research into their academic programs will graduate highly-skilled experts at all levels, qualified to enter their chosen profession, without retraining. DTU has managed to overcome the limitations of a solely theoretical approach, which is prevalent in many other Vietnamese universities. Research at DTU is focused on practical business applications, to meet our future socio-economic needs. This is already evidenced by the 89% of graduates who find jobs within six months and by research projects already underway to meet the strategic objectives of the university.

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