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Study Environment

With the motto: "We do everything we can for our students’ rights and future careers”, DTU has consistently made great efforts to provide students with the most convenient, innovative and advanced study and research environments.


Spacious Modern Facilities

Through strong investment in the construction of 100 hectares of spacious buildings over the past eighteen years, Duy Tan has become a university with some of the best facilities in Central Vietnam, with five campuses of 50,000 square meters, ten laboratories, nine workshops and 1,100 internet computers, including 150 laptops, DTU aims to meet the increasing demands in education and research for students, faculty and staff. 


Most classrooms have overhead projectors. Laboratories are equipped with modern equipment to provide an ideal environment to conduct applied research. In addition, DTU constructed two large reference libraries with thousands of books of all kinds. Most DTU campuses are conveniently located in the center of Danang.


A Well-Qualified, Dedicated, Young Faculty
Since its inception in 1994, the quality and quantity of the DTU faculty has steadily increased. 613 out of the 828 people currently working at DTU are full-time lecturers, of whom 4.2% are Professors or Associate Professors. 11% have Doctorate degrees, 54% have Masters degrees and most of the others are studying for postgraduate degrees. DTU faculty are young, dynamic and friendly, who always support their students to overcome their difficulties. Many lecturers graduated from leading universities in the USA, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Korea and Belgium. They have brought new way of thinking and working to DTU, which has inspired DTU students to become more progressive in their own thinking and study techniques.


International Academic Programs and Study Abroad

International collaboration has become one of the unique strengths of DTU and provides an advanced study environment for students. Academic programs and teaching methods have steadily improved and are available to all DTU students if they wish to enroll. Later, they can then study in the USA, the UK, Singapore and elsewhere. These students can choose to study at DTU for one, two or three years and then transfer abroad for an additional year to receive a diploma. This is considered to be the most economical Study Abroad program in Vietnam today.


A Wide Range of Interesting Extracurricular Activities

DTU is well-known for its wide range of meaningful extracurricular activities, organized and conducted by dynamic DTU students themselves. The Management Board has provided DTU students with many opportunities to take part in training courses to improve their skills, as well as social work. Every year, activities are held for DTU students to take part in musical shows, sports festivals, photography and speaking contests, camping, the Green Summer Campaign, Blood Donation and so on.


DTU students have consistently achieved high rankings in national and international contests.  They won first prizes in the National IT Olympiad, the 2010 Loa Thanh, the 2011 short international film about climate change, the Miss Vietnam Most Talented, the Miss U-league 2011 and the Miss Danang 2012 competitions. By taking part in these activities DTU students are able to gain the necessary extra experience required to pursue international careers on graduation.


In addition, DTU has scholarship policies to provide support for students in financial need.

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