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Duy Tan University and its campuses



The DTU 03 Quang Trung Campus: A Symbol Growth

Located in Danang, about 500 meters from Han River, construction of this building started at the beginning of 2008 and was officially opened in March 2009, at a cost of 100 billion VND. This is one of the biggest educational facilities in Danang. 

The building covers more than 3,000m2, with four sides, eight floors and 109 rooms. It has 28 modern classrooms, 27 offices and 8 labs with 490 internet computers. There is also one meeting hall with 350 seats, a dormitory of 36 rooms for foreign students, a library with thousands of books and other special rooms used for teaching and studying. 

The building is designed to create a favorable environment for students and affirm Duy Tan’s strength in enhancing the standard of education as well as expanding its international relations.
Contact Details:
Telephone: (0236) 3.827111
Email: dtu@dtu.edu.vn
Fax: (0236) 3650443



 Building at 03 Quang Trung: A symbol of Duy Tan University’s growth
 21 Nguyen Van Linh- Thanh Khe District- Danang City
 254 Nguyen Van Linh-Thanh Khe District- Danang City
 209 PhanThanh- Thanh Khe District, Danang City
 South Hoa Khanh Precinct- Lien Chieu District- Danang City
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