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For nearly 23 years, thanks to its great efforts, Duy Tan University has made steady progress in education and training. Duy Tan University has enrolled 56.000 Ph.D and Master’s candidates and students and more than 10,000 students in Junior high school programs. Through its 16 graduate courses, DTU has fueled the local labor market with a total of 45,000 high-quality graduates and post-graduates so far.  

Most DTU graduates have already secured excellent jobs nationwide, which made a significant contribution to the socio-economic development in the Central region and Vietnam. Many of them are presently running their own businesses and many others become senior managers in local businesses. In line with training mission, DTU has also focused on developing scientific research. Perfect HRM, Library management software, IT application and administrative management are some of high-quality applicable products have been made by DTU.

With the slogan: ”Vietnamese spirit, Innovation, Creativity, Reaching for New Heights”, Duy Tan has become a university with some of the best facilities in Central Vietnam and has created thousands of jobs for local people. DTU has paid thirty five billion VND of tax to the government so far.

Always attaching special importance to social work, DTU has applied preferential policies for ethnic minorities, students with financial difficulties, and those who come from family with meritorious service to the revolution. Annually, DTU offers scholarships to students with financial difficulties and have good academic results in Central region. In collaboration with the Singapore Polytechnic, DTU built book-reading rooms for children of the Village of Hope (Da Nang). Besides, DTU has actively taken part in many youth movements, such as “Green Summer”, “Blood Donation”, Sport and musical fesstivals, and so on.

 Impacts on the Central Region of Vietnam
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