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Highly-Qualified and Dedicated Young Faculty


DTU has 810 faculty members, of whom 4.2% are Professors or Associate Professors. Eleven percent has PhDs, fifty-four percent has M.As and most of the others are studying for postgraduate degrees. Most of the DTU faculty are young, dynamic and friendly and always assist their students to overcome everyday problems at DTU. Many lecturers graduated from the world’s leading universities in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Thailand and are all qualified to meet the increasing educational requirements of DTU.

To improve the quality of education, the DTU Board of Rectors has been making great efforts to expand collaboration with many of the world’s leading universities. DTU has invited eminent faculty from many well-known foreign universities to teach every year. In addition, hundreds of lecturers are sent abroad every year to study for M.A. degrees and participate in many other advanced programs in developed countries.

More than 130 visiting lecturers are also currently working at well-known universities and institutions nationwide, playing an important role in DTU’s achievements so far. These experienced, highly-qualified lecturers undertake key academic programs at DTU and also contribute remarkably to the improvement of the teaching quality and prestige at DTU itself.

Over the past 19 years, thanks to its great efforts, DTU has made steady progress in education and training. Duy Tan University has enrolled 700 students in 8 Graduate courses, 46,000 in 19 Undergraduate and Associate Bachelor’s Degree programs, 1,000 students in Vocational programs and 12,000 students in Junior high school programs.

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