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The DTU Faculty Teams

Dedicated for 23 years to providing high quality education to the community, DTU has continually increased the quantity and quality of its people. Currently, there are 1,054 faculty members and staff, of whom 16.5% hold PhDs, with full or associate professorships, another 75% have Master’s degrees and the others are pursuing postgraduate studies. Several graduated from leading universities in the USA, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Korea and Belgium. 361 lecturers participated in the “Train the Trainers” courses in the US and another 60 in Singapore.
The full-time staff handle 70% of the teaching at the university. The remainder is taught by visiting lecturers from Vietnam and abroad, with the objective of diversifying the education process, instead of limiting it to a single teaching method or way of thinking, as at many other institutions.
In the early years, there were only thirty lecturers, and the university had to rely on visiting lecturers. From 1996 to 2000, the Board of Trustees focused on the recruitment of lecturers with honors degrees below the age of 30, to establish a long-term workforce to compete with public universities who faced an earlier deadline to replace skilled but aging teachers. 
Before being allowed to teach, lecturers received in-depth training in their subject for at least two successive terms. They were also required to get to know all their students well and develop close relationships with parents and local businesses.
Working as a team, the full-time lecturers and the visiting lecturers have played in important part in the  success of DTU and are now have years of experience, high academic credentials and are leaders in their respective fields in Vietnam and abroad. They teach complex majors together, enhancing the standard of education and prestige of the entire university and building a diverse teaching, studying and thinking environment at DTU. 
DTU has invested wisely in its training team and the financial and social policies provide both the full-time and visiting lecturers a secure attachment to DTU, encouraging them to make it even better.


  Faculty Teams
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