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The University & Its Founders

After some period of preparation and discussion, Mr. Le Cong Co, Mr. Le Phuoc Thuy and Ms. Nguyen Thi Loc met on August 15, 1992 to form a committee, campaigning for the establishment of the “Private University of the Central (of Vietnam).” Mr. Le Cong Co was elected as the head of this campaigning committee.

The mission of this committee includes:

  • Initiating formal administrative procedures and preparing legal documents (including the University Development Plan, University Operation Regulations, and University Personnel Plan) for the establishment of the Council of University Founders
  • Implementing essential tasks such as setting up the University Representative Office and preparing academic facilities for operation once the University Establishment License is officially granted
  • Searching for suitable candidates to join the Council of University Founders

The most difficult issue at this point was to acquire enough funds to carry out these above tasks. Mr. Le Cong Co had willingly mortgaged his home to the Commercial Joint-Stock Bank of Da Nang for those campaigning effort. (A couple of years later, he would again mortgage his home to acquire enough capital for the construction of the school facilities.)

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 The University & Its Founders
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